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TuneUp Utilities 2010 9.0.4200.54

TuneUp Utilities 2010 9.0.4200.54

TuneUp Utilities is a maintenance program for Windows and the famous winning hundreds of awards since its release until now, the view can make your system faster, more comfortable and safer just with several clicks of your mouse, and all operations performed by the program on your system is safely because all the changes that the the program is monitored by the rescue center's program "TuneUp Rescue Center" so that you can recover these changes at any time if there is any problem; and all the program units can be accessed through a common interface is divided into 6 categories.

The software helps both beginners and professionals to make their system meets their needs in terms of ease of use, speed and security, as all options important system described in an easy and simple and can run the touch of a mouse; and then doing the necessary changes in the RegistryFix files or bot automatically; the program during the currency put utmost importance to the stability of the system so you will not find any damage to the system, as it can retrieve any changes made by the program through its own rescue center as we mentioned earlier.

Doing the ongoing maintenance automatically in the background, and tells you any problems exist and suggests that you simple solutions to be made, thereby ensuring that you always powerful system performance and efficient; thus, computers became slow and untidy thing of the past for you; Add to this that you can customize the appearance of Windows you want to enjoy while using the computer; All of this makes the program the best option of all, it wants to leave the task of maintaining Windows inauguration of the program are and will leave a job, and wants to do maintenance by himself Options for the program easy and simple.

He came Issuance of 2010 status of a new and very important is the status of Turbo "Turbo Mode" as it is when you run this situation, the program "to strengthen the immediate performance of the computer" by analyzing all the functions, programs and functions that operate during in the background that have no importance at all, and is halted or slowed down , which adds additional strength from the wizard of the active programs on your computer.

● ۩ underlying causes of your choice TuneUp Utilities 2010 for your ۩ ●

1. Accelerate the take-off and close the windows and speed up the Internet to the maximum degree.
2. The effective elimination of data and files unwanted.
3. Cleaning and improving the fully automatic to your computer without interference from you.
4. Removal of strong and effective partition the drive automatically.
5. Cleaning quick and widespread of all hard drives.
6. Cleaning and large-scale Blood Registry and eliminate fragmentation.
7. Effective assistance in solving the problems of the system standard.
8. Control over the appearance of Windows as you wish.
9. Customize configure Windows with ease.
10. Delete and restore files safely.

Size: 19.7 MB
11 May 2010

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