Monday, March 15, 2010

Diskeeper 2010 Pro Premier 14.0 Build 900a

Diskeeper 2010 Pro Premier 14.0 Build 900a


New Diskeeper® performance software 2010 will make your PC(s) faster, more efficient, more reliable and last longer. And use less electricity too! How? All computers suffer from fragmentation – where files are broken up and scattered all across your disk drives. This makes it take longer to read, write and save files. Plus since your PC is working harder than it needs to, more wear and tear occurs. Diskeeper with new IntelliWrite™ fragmentation prevention resolves this by preventing up to 85% of all fragmentation from happening in the first place. Any remaining fragmentation is quickly eliminated in real time thanks to Diskeeper’s InvisiTasking® technology. With new Diskeeper 2010 your computers simply run better than new all the time! Your computers will run faster with Diskeeper 2010 installed. You’ll enjoy using every aspect of your system—from downloading to accessing files to surfing the web with greater ease and efficiency.
Leave hang-times, freeze-ups and other fragmentation-based crashes in the dust.

Size : 42.22 MB

27 Jan 2010


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